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Accesscom.com has been providing Internet access to the people of the San Francisco Bay area since 1995. We provide a wide range of services like dial up, Digital Subscriber lines(DSL), T1 Lines and Metro Ethernet(Fiber Ethernet).

We started this business in 1995 when the main connection type was dial up. As the years passed new internet access technology was created. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line was created and this has become the mainstream connect type for most people.We pride ourselves in moving along with the latest technologies as they come along.


This attitude of being flexible has allowed to continue to be in business more than 15 yrs later. We have learned that the customer is the most important thing, as should be with any business. Give us a call at 877 702-7873.


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  • (Feb 3,2010)   Accesscom.com Blog
    Install new word press blog for accesscom.com web site. Should be finished in a day or two.
  • (Feb 1, 2010)   Free DSL Modem, No contract
    We are giving away a Free DSL Modem this month. No yearly contract necessary for this offer.
  • (Jan 31, 2010)   Revamping the accesscom.com web site
    In the following weeks, a complete reconstruction of the accesscom.com web site will occur.

High-Speed DSL

$24.99 mo.

  • arrowFREE activation and Setup
  • arrowFREE DSL Modem
  • arrowUp to 3.0Mb download speed
  • arrow5 FREE email accounts
  • arrowFREE Tech support

Fiber Ethernet Service

$1299.00 mo.

  • arrowFiber Connection
  • arrowDelivered as Fast Ethernet
  • arrowSpeeds from 5M to 1G
  • arrowFree Equipment
  • arrowFree Installation

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Metro Ethernet Internet Services

Metro Ethernet or Fiber Ethernet is one of the newest technologies out there. The service utilizes a fiber connection between location A and Z. This could be from your office to the internet, or from your office to another office. Because of the high speeds available for metro ethernet, and because its a true ethernet handoff, implementing this type of connection into you network is a snap. Typical speeds for metro ethernet are 5M up to a full 1G.

Business T1 Internet Services

T1 service has been around since the beginning of the internet. Companies that require a serious connection probably already have this type of service. The reason a business would have this service is response time if trouble occurs. A T1 line has a response time to repair of 4 hours. This is crucial when your business depends on the connection.

DSL Internet Services

DSL service is one of the most widely used internet access services out there today. It has a relatively low cost and a fairly fast speed. Its certainly fast enough for most home users. The only limitation it has is the speed varies with the distance you are from the phone company facilities. So sometime you only qualify for a slower speed, because of where you live. This is getting better as the phone companies deploy more equipment.

Web Hosting Internet Services

Web hosting service has become a mainstream service for both business users as well as residential users. Our web hosting service uses Cpanel, which is one of the most popular control panels available. This helps even the novice user have a greater control over their web site. We also have domain registration services, so if you are looking to register a domain, we can do it for you now.

Dial Up Internet Services

Our company started as a dial up only company. That was in 1995. Since then we have branched out to other services. Digital Subscriber Lines have replaced modems in most parts of the country. However there are still places that cant get DSL service. If that's the case for you, give us a call and try our dial up service.