Web Hosting Services

Gold Hosting

  • arrowSuited for power users
  • arrow3000M Disk Space
  • arrow30G/mo Transfer
  • arrow25 POP3 Mailboxes
  • arrowFREE Web Statistics
  • arrowAccess to raw logs
  • arrowFREE Technical Support

Silver Hosting

  • arrowSuited for most users
  • arrow1000M Disk Space
  • arrow10G/mo Transfer
  • arrow10 POP3 Mailboxes
  • arrowFREE email forwarding
  • arrowFTP access for upload
  • arrowFREE Technical Support
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Bronze Hosting

  • arrowOur basic starter account
  • arrow200M Disk Space
  • arrow5G/mo Transfer
  • arrow3 POP3 Mailboxes
  • arrowFREE email responders
  • arrowPerl and PHP support
  • arrowFREE Technical Support

Web Hosting Services overview

Accesscom.com web hosting services uses the latest in web hosting server technology. Our servers have latest programing languages like perl, php, and mysql databases. These web tools help you to build dynamic web content.

  • In addition to the server tools we offer Cpanel as our interface to you. Cpanel is the most widely used control panel in the web hosting industry. If your host is not using cpanel, its time to look elsewhere.

  • Cpanel makes controlling the features of your website simply. There are controls for web statistics, email, ftp and even file management. Check out our demo cpanel and see how easy it is.

Again its hard to find the level of web hosting service we provide vs the other web hosting providers. Our customer service is second to none, so give us a try..

Give us a call at 877 702-7873.

Other Featured Services

  • Platinum Business DSL Service
    Check out our blazing fast 6M DSL service.
  • VPS Server Service
    If you are looking for a little more control, check out our VPS services. Our Virtual Private Servers allow you to build you own customer applications on a shared server. This give you more control than normal shared hosting.

Additional Services

Every Web Hosting account comes with top notch tech support. Our tech's don't have to transfer you to level 2, because they have the tools to check and troubleshoot all part of the line.